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Michael Wilson Becker, born July 21, 1943, has been a reciprocally positive force in many people's lives as a husband and father, a Police Officer, Chief of Police, mentor and friend.


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Chief Michael Becker was gifted with and expanded a heart to listen and help other souls, which is reflected in the heartfelt compassion and wisdom found throughout his art and work. 


by Michael Becker

Words are the gentlest way to caress and stimulate
the most creative of minds.
Drawing or painting a thing of beauty,
using words as the brush,
the mind as the canvas, is so grand,
As grand as a river rushing to the sea
through a rocky crevice,
past boulders trying to block or impede,
its never ending journey.
Words flowing off the end of one's tongue
can remove the boulders.
Smoothing out the canyon walls,
walls of life, giving inner peace.
Words can make the warm love
that flows through one's soul boil,
turning it to a raging river of passion,
that nothing on this earth can stop.
Words can also turn you cold as ice,
Making you appear as if you were made of stone.
Choose your words carefully.
Trying never to offend,
Words are valuable
and should only be used in the very best intent
anything else would be a waste.



Michael Becker grew up in Michigan. His father being a Greyhound Bus driver was always on the move. This took young Michael on an adventurous journey all over the state, living in numerous cities. This was the beginning of what shaped his life.

He had to quickly learn the likes and dislikes of others and how to live with them. This made him very open minded about others and how they lived their lives. This also gave him the tools needed to be a decent police officer, and Chief of Police.

The most important thing in shaping his life was the love and light he received throughout his entire life. Meaning, that when we are born there is a veil between us and the truth the world holds. That veil is pursued by love dropping the seeds necessary for development of growth. The first hole poked through his veil came from his birth mother. The second hole from his adoptive parents, the third from his wife Sheila. Then their daughter Cheylene, along with her husband Robert, and their children Kira and Cole. Then he had the privilege of serving in the city of Clare, Michigan. All those wonderful people tore the veil down giving him more love then he could imagine.

Some of his accomplishments were; Creator and Father of the Michigan Police Olympics’; a member of the State Frequency Allocation Board and Legislation Committee; a member of the Clare Optimist Club. Today he is a father and grandfather. He recently lost his wife of 45 years in 2011. Today he walks a darker road, but never alone because of the wonderful friends he as met along the journey throughout his entire life

Sunday, June 16, 2019

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